I don’t think any of you could possibly comprehend the turns my life has taken in the last few months.

I would give anything to be in America right now

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March in March, 2014. The Australian people speak up about how unsatisfied they are with the current fascist, racist, sexist government. Stand down, Tony.

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Tony Abbott Questioned by Newtown High Students

The fact that a group of year 9 students can blunder the countries PM is pretty telling.

Tony abbot from living under his own ears

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i’m glad time travel isn’t real because i would definitely jeopardize the future of the human race by using it to make out with hot people who have been dead for 200 years

Or thousands…

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I can still taste you and feel you and I want you to come back. I don’t think it would’ve ended there if you didn’t have to go. Jesus Christ there’s an empty hole and I want you here with me again

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So typical to have the best time of your fucking life but then oh he has to go back to America the next day

You always feel it, Sherlock,
but you don’t have to  f e a r  it.

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He’s a very respectful, caring actor. It’s terrible if you need to create a rivalry [off-screen] just because you’re playing rivals [on-screen] but we didn’t need that at all. On the contrary, every day in the makeup trailer we would share the information, the new information we’d just gotten. [we had] a very symbiotic and good relationship all the way through. Benedict is the most British guy I’ve met, you know, and the very first time I met him in London it was absolutely hysterical. Before he’d even said hello, he was telling me what I’d had for breakfast, that I’m left-handed, that I was trying to quit smoking and how to better clean my shirts. And I said, “Hi, Sherlock, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”  Daniel Brühl [x]

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"James Norrington. What has the world done to you?"

How can Jack Davenport be covered in all manner of filth and still be unbelievably handsome?

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© haru-barton

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Motivation from the Twelfth Doctor AU:

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“Chocolate? Is that a stupid fault? I have the palate of a four year old child when it comes to chocolate. I don’t like posh chocolate. I like Buttons, DoubleDecker and all that stuff.”
— Andrew Scott (via andriuscott)
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Making Up Words with Richard Armitage (x)

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